Self contained 4x4 capable camping trailer



Welcome to the great outdoors. Welcome to fresh air, nature, and the sense of adventure you were naturally born with. Whether you are a seasoned camper or a spirited adventurer, Tow-A-Tent equips you to leave your comfort zone without compromising on comfort. Spend less time setting up and more time enjoying your holiday!

About Tow-A-Tent

Tow-A-Tent is a luxurious, self-contained camping trailer with 4X4 capabilities. It provides its users with an “off the grid solution” perfect for any conditions, ensuring campers always have comfortable lodgings and great food. It is easily accessible with only one small step. Tow-A-Tent is towable by any vehicle that is registered for the 750 Kg to 1500 Kg capacity.

More about Tow-A-Tent

Tow-A-Tent is built by an adventurer for adventuring. That means it’s weatherproof, ultra-lightweight, and tough as nails. Perfect for those seeking comfortable lodgings off the beaten track. Fully loaded for a week (including food, beer, a stainless braai, general equipment, water in the tank and gas) Tow-A-Tent weighs 750Kg (0.75T)


What is Tow-A-Tent?

Tow-A-Tent uses a trailer to bring you the benefits of a rooftop tent without the need for specialized vehicles and equipment. Your rooftop tent simply folds open when the trailer lid opens. In terms of specs, it’s comfortably packed with every imaginable homely accessory. Tow-A-Tent is weather tested. It was found to comfortably accommodate its occupants in the midst of a sandstorm and torrential rains, happily outlasting all the other tents. Throw a test at this vehicle, it’s been where there are no roads! Tow-A-Tent is lightweight for easing towing and 100% glam-camping approved!